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Apamaté - Valentina

Valentina is an integral part of our community. Apamaté is the name her unique and mindful business, representing a whole-body, whole-person practice that embeds a trauma-sensitive and healing-informed approach to three offerings: Coaching, Facilitation, and Yoga Instruction. Recently, Valentina started her blog, The Ripple Effects of Loving Kindness, to share her knowledge, thoughts, experiences, and stories. 

Hannah Brown Yoga


Hannah Brown is a local, Toronto yogi who offers accessible, pay-what-you-can yoga and bodywork classes. She focuses on mindful movement linked with breath, and classes are available through Zoom, Insight Timer, or Chameleon Yoga (linked above!). Her classes integrate a musical element, carefully curated to support your practice and flow with you. 

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Spoorthy is a graduate of one of Margot's Teacher Training programs, and has been a part of the Margot Stokreef Yoga community since the beginning. You may recognize Spoorthy from our Yoga for India & Moving Alongside fundraisers and our park classes. Visit her site to inquire about private sessions, or sign up for self-practice videos.

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